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Short Term Internet

Holiday Internet

Internet available for Short Term Rental.

a Wireless 4G router can be collected from our offices or delivered to you from Marbella to Gibraltar.

starting from €35 per week.

2 weeks  €65

3 weeks € 85

4 weeks €95

For rentals of over 3 months cost is reduced to €65 per month.

Deposits of €100 required.

ID required.

How it Works

It works by connecting to the Local Area Wireless Broadcast.

Exactly like a Mobile Phone it contains a Small SIM card inside it.

All it needs is power. Once it is plugged in it recieves the Wireless Internet through the air then rebroadcasts it throughout your home. With a range of approx 50 meters. If you need more range then are boosters are also available.

You can connect devices using a hardline or wirelessly using the password on the Router itself.

Please contact us for any more information.

Use it anywhere

The best thing about these routers is you can use them anywhere. All you need is an electrical supply.

They are perfect for all types of holiday. Campers. Boats. Aprtments or even tents.

This system is available for long term rent with a more comprehensive payment and no fixed contract structure. 

please our 4G page.


ID is required when renting or contracting Internet.



ID Card

Driving Licence.


are all accepted.

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