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  • My internet is not working?
    Try unplugging your router from the mains electricity leaving for a minute and then plugging back in. If your internet is working you should have a green or blue flashing light on the Router. If the internet does not ocme back on it may be a payment issue or technical fault. Please contact us if the problem persists.
  • The light on my router isn’t flashing?
    Please try unplugging your Router from the main power then plugging it back in. This will reset the system. If the internet does not come back on, it be a payment issue or technical fault. Contact us directly if the problem persists.
  • How much data is allowed for holiday rentals?
    Our Holiday rental WIFI Routers have Unlimited Data.
  • My TV channels freezing?
    This could be your internet speeds, particularly if you are viewing at peak times, if you keep having freezing issues then please contact us.
  • There is a message on my screen saying my subscription is due in 4 days?
    Please don’t worry about this message, we are aware of when your subscription is due and will renew it accordingly.
  • I can’t see the home screen on my IPTV
    Check that the light on your box is a dull blue light as this is indicates the box is on, check that the cables are inserted correctly into your TV and the black box and your TV is on the correct source.
  • My IPTV box is saying STB Blocked.
    Please contact us if this message appears on your screen.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We can take all major credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cash and paypal.
  • Do I need a Spanish NIE number to get internet from you?
    We accept a Passport or Driving Licence as forms of ID for both our long-term internet and our holiday internet, for some external Internet contracts you do need your N IE and a Spanish IBAN.
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