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About Us

Mapit Solutions have been supporting clients on the Costa del Sol to find the right internet, phone and energy providers since 2015.

We save our clients time and money, by comparing all the options against their needs, and presenting them with the best plan and provider. This puts you back in control and can significantly reduce your bills!

Our family business is passionate about taking the stress and work out of finding and contracting the right communications and energy plans. We give our customers peace of mind, knowing that they are on the best possible plan and paying the best possible price too.

We’re experts in connecting you with the right supplier in Spain for –

· Internet

· Mobile Phone Contracts

· Energy

· Solar

Who needs Meerkats, when you can have Mapit?

Our knowledgeable team is headed up by Stuart and Charis, who have been tracking down the best deals and offering personalised service and great savings for our clients for nearly 10 years.

Trust in us to compare all the available markets in the area to source, organise and contract the best Internet, Energy, Mobile or Solar Solution for you.

How can we help?

Fibre Optic Internet from €19.90 per month. On/Off services available.

Wireless 4G Routers available from €64.95, ideal for the campo or rural areas. Home delivery of equipment anywhere in Spain.

Holiday Internet Rentals – If you are only here for a short time but must have Internet, then our Holiday Internet Rental service is for you. Starting from only €35 per week, €100 per month and only €80 per month at 3 months and over, we can get you online quickly and easily and make working, surfing or streaming in Spain simple.

Energy Supplier Search or Switch - If you need to set up a new energy supplier or simply want to switch from your existing one, call us or send a copy of your latest bill and we will find the best supplier for you.

Mobile Phone service with unlimited national calls and unlimited calls to UK and other countries.

Solar – If you want to explore solar, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. We work with a range of experienced solar installation providers and can find you the best system and installation specialists to make switching to solar easy. By using Mapit, we’ll take the guess work out of solar and help you start saving money and saving the planet quickly and easily.

We look forward to helping you! Contact us today and we’ll start the search for the best deal.

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