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4G Mobile Routers

4G Rental

Wireless Router

The perfect equipment for anyone who wants mobility and ease of access. Wireless and completely portable this small box can be taken  and used anywhere in Spain.

€69.90 per month,

€100 initial set up fee.


€20 administration charge in store

€0 administration charge if you order online.

The best part is you can turn this off and on at no extra cost, so if you are going away or only need it for holiday time simply return the router then take it out again when you need it. minimum 1 month payable.

4G Rental

How it Works

It works by connecting to the Local Area Wireless Broadcast.

Exactly like a Mobile Phone it contains a Small SIM card inside it.

All it needs is power. Once it is plugged in it recieves the Wireless Internet through the air then rebroadcasts it throughout your home. With a range of approx 50 meters. If you need more range then are boosters are also available.

You can connect devices using a hardline or wirelessly using the password on the Router itself.

Please contact us for any more information.

4G Rental

Home Delivery

We can delliver these Routers direct to your door! 

Anywhere in Spain, incluidng Mellilla and Las canarias.

Payable by direct debit.

Set up is easy and simple and can be arranged via email or over the phone.

The Router is delivered direct top your door via courier at no extra cost,.

Simple plug and Play.

4G Rental

Holiday Rentals

If you are here on Holiday, renting an apartment, staying in Campervan, or even at a hotel. You can rent our 4G Routers. Simply plug and Play.


 €35 one week

€65 two weeks

€85 three weeks

€105 four weeks


Over three months rental, cost is reduced to  €95 per week

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