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Energy Solutions


 Simply send us a copy of your energy factura/bill and  we'll compare  the market to find you the best rate.  There may be left over charges, misapplied rates or even your potencia could be way more than you need. Message us now with any questions. There is no charge for the comparision service. 


Comparing the Market

We compare the markets so you don't have to. We compare and switch Internet, Phones and Energy. Finding the best solution for you.


Solar Power For All

Mapit Solutions is very pleased to now offer affordable Solar Solutions for everyone. The Spanish Solar Industry has finally stabilised, with agreements between the government and energy companies, where the energy companies will now  buy back any solar energy you dont use, banks too have rolled out all sorts of incentives to offer you the best financing, for example, your finance for the Solar Power would be less a month than your current electrical bill and within 3 years  you could be paying as little as €25 per month for your electricity. And most importantly you can  lower your carbon footprint.

Message us now for more information

Installing Solar Panels

Electric Car Charge Points

Arrange and install electrical car charge points in your home. Organise and switch your energy to suppliers with specific rates fro electrical cars. message us now for more information-

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