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New Energy Regulations

A new Power Supply Rate Regulation comes into effect on the 1st April 2021 as published in the  B.O.E. (  on 24th January 2020.


Currently, all electricity users are fined only once for excess over the contracted Potencia. 

From the 1st April 2021, all electricity users will be fined every 15 minutes for excess over the contracted Potencia. Taking into account that in a 30-day month there are 2,880 quarter-hour periods, the additional costs could be tremendous.


How can we help? 

we can start by doing a completely free Energy Study of your home and/or business. 


What you need to do? 

Just fill out the form below or call 952 891 687 and we will contact you within 24 hours.


What do you get after the study?  

A detailed proposal of the most efficient adaptation for your home and/or business to incorporate the new energy regulations, including options to install new meters and to switch to new providers as well as change your Potencia contracted.


                                                       We are here to help.

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