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Solar Consultants

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''We are here for you''

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"No extra cost"

We've been working in Spain for almost ten years with energy providers to find the best deals for you. We bridge the language gap, the time gap and the difficulty gap.   We are your personal assistants, we are here for you.

We excel at customer service, at troubleshooting, at interpesonal skills, at translating and explaining and presenting to you, our valued client, the finished project. We are here for you.

''We excel at customer service.''

We wil find you the right Solar Installer at no extra cost.  We stay with you from quote to installation and leave all the hard work to us. Find out how we can help you get the best Solar package, contact us now.

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"We bridge the language gap, the time gap and the difficulty gap."

How does it work?

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YOur electricity bill

First we ask to see your exisitng electrcity bill. This lets us know how much power you will need from your Solar System. Your electricity bill contcain a concose breakdown of your power usageover a whole year doen to the kilowatt and is a very accurate way to determine your enegy needs.

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Consult with you

 We then have a chat with you about what you need, what you want it to look like, what your budget is, how many panels you need. We ask you if you want energy storage options, water heater or any other extras and we go through how the Solar  System works.


We find the providers

Now we go backwards and forwards with different Solar Providers that we know and trust to find which can offer you the best quote. Then we bring the best quootes to you and talk through them with you. if youre not happy we will go back to the providers and negotiate.

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Its a go

When you are happy, you sign the contractand we arrange for the installers to begin to a timetable that suits you. Any problems or  issues throughout and we troublshoot keepingi n direct communication with you and your installer until you are happy. Job done.

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" From finding me quotes to the day of installation, these guys were great, highly recommend"

Stuart MD

Your  Solar Power Solution

Solar Panel
Solar Energy


Solar Panels

  Solar Power in Spain is easier than you think.

#How can Mapit Solutions help you?

It’s our job to connect you with the right supplier in Spain, and remove the hassle from finding the best provider for internet, phone, electricity and solar.

We are experts at comparing the market and delivering the best solutions for you. We search, decode and deliver the best plans at the best price, matching you with the right provider every time.

Mapit can save you time and save you money.

Our friendly team listens to what you need, and searches all available options, evaluating every plan, product and provider and matching you with the right one for you.


Get in touch today and let us find you the solution you need.

How can I arrange Solar power for my house in Spain?

Your Energy - Your Choice

We work with providers to find the best Solar systems for you. We assess your voltage needs, your space availability, you storage requirements.

We present easily digestible quotes then you choose which provider works best for you.

We work with your chosen provider from quote to installation. 

Translating, troublshooting and managing. 

We are making Solar Power accessable, affordable and available.

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Sustainable Energy

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